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Gold Prospecting Charters!

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Southern California


Inside Yellow Aster Saloon

Randsburg, Calif. late 1800's

Dry washing for gold

Coolgardie - 1919

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Atolia 102.jpg


St. Elmo Hotel, Saloons and Construction

Old Randsburg

old dw.jpg
Gold found near Randsburg.jpg
the famous Mojave Nugget from the String

The famous huge

'Mojave Nugget'

found not far from


Randsburg 12.jpg

Randsburg, Calif.

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Gold Prospecting Charters:

Come out with us and find some gold using our equipment! Get a taste of how the old time miners lived and how they supported themselves and their families on the gold they found. Keep whatever gold you find! A professional miner will walk you every step of the way. - The gold you find will be carefully placed in a vial to display to family and friends.


It's reasonably priced at $59 for about 3 hours - (per family or individual)

* The Mining Museum here has gold samples from historical locations around the area. Also, some gold samples from the Mother Lode area in Northern California are on display . Gold prospecting supplies can also be purchased here. 

Call: (760) 374-2102 or email: to book a dig

Mining Tours:


The Historic Rand Mining District is one of the most famous gold towns in Southern California! Gold was discovered in this area in the late 1800's. Its a fascinating and beautiful places to visit.

The tour begins at the base of the scenic El Paso Mounatins where miners were originally 'dry washing' for gold.

Then we take you to the famous town of Randsburg where the Yellow Aster Mine was discovered and became the richest gold mine in Southern Caifornia. Old mining structures and fascades are always a favorite for vistors to snap some photos of. As we leave we'll stop by Johannesburg.


Next, we'll head over to the historic Stringer District and Atolia, where the old timers dug for gold and rich tungsten mines were discovered! Many old mining structures are still standing.


Finally, we take you to Red Mountain home of the famous Kelly Silver mine. The town was lined with brothels and saloons back in the rip roaring 20's. Hollywood actors and elites came here to play because Palm Springs or Las Vegas  wasn't around then - and there wasn't any law here. The Historic Owl Cafe/Saloon (built by 'Slim' Riffle in 1921) is now a mining museum and gold prospecting shop. Next door is the Owl "Hotel" (where some of the brothels are still standing - But it's on private property) Fatty Arbuckle, Rita Hayworth, Orson Welles and other famous people have been in the Owl. Well known desert miners like Short Harris, Seldom Seen Slim, Death Valley Scotty and others have been known to wet their lips here back in the days! The museum has gold samples from historical locations around the area. Also, some gold samples from the Mother Lode area in Northern California are on display. Gold prospecting supplies can also be purchased here. 



Our basic economical tours start at $29 to $59 per car/family. You follow a tour guide in your vehicle while stops are made and the guide speaks from a cell phone to your cell phone - on speaker. When stopped at locations, historical information is also given at each stop in person with the tour guide.


Note: (* Tour Van - The price is higher for the tour van trip and right now it's not in service)

Call: (760) 374-2102 or email: to book a trip


701 Highway 395, Red Mountain, CA



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Slim Riffle's sister Betsy, sitting on steps in

front of The Owl 1934 - Red Mountain, Calif.

Courtesy of Deric English

Dwayne and Ernie Goler Gulch2.jpg

Dwayne and his dad Ernie dry

washing for some desert gold!

Our son Walter in front of the old Gener
The Puppy Feet Claim OC 49ers.jpg

The wife Dry washing for gold!

Stringer District gold.jpg


Randsburg Museum outside.jpg

Outside of the Rand Desert Museum


Slim Riffle Sitting on The Owl steps - 1940

Courtesy of Deric English

Taft Prospectors outing Benson

Gold Prospectors!

Anitra and Scott gold digging by Goler G

Scott & Anitra having fun

in the sun, digging for gold!

The fellas Reed Gulch.jpg

Historic Goler Gulch area

What's left of an old miner's house near

What's left of an old miner's

cabin near Goler Gulch

Arlene 2.jpg

Arlene smiling in historic Benson Gulch!

Detecting near Goler Gulch.jpg

Metal Detecting for gold nuggets!

The Kelly Silver Mine in its heyday.png

Kelly Silver mine in its heyday

Red Mountain, Calif.

Historic Owl Cafe and Saloon- Red Mounta
Front of the Owl.JPG

Historic Owl Cafe/Saloon as it looks

today. - Red Mountain, Calif.

the owl.JPG
Looking at Red Mtn from the historic Str

Red Mountain, Calif.

King Solomon Soloman Mine in Johannesbur

King Solomon Soloman Mine in Johannesburg

Nugs, ICMJ ETC 002.JPG
Atolia, Stringer, etc Sept 2019 pics 005


Historic Owl Cafe and Saloon- Red Mounta