More historical photos of The Owl, and surrounding mines, etc

Owl Cafe and Hotel 1930's

OWL GARAGE 1958 This is across the street from The Owl Cafe/Saloon and Hotel

Slim Riffle in his bar with patrons 1950's


Hanging behind the old bar is this painting of two miners. It was done by a well known local who died some years back. He had a reputation as a great artist and painter and He was contracted to do murals, etc in the area

The bar area and bedroom (old Owl Cafe)

The Owl Cafe 1958


Red Mountain and the

Kelly Silver Mine 1920's

Owl Cafe/Saloon 1947

Douglas Fairbanks

.Randsburg, CA 1890's

During World War Two in the 40's - Many military men were stationed in the area and The Owl was the place to be. One individual by the name of Ed Farmer (a Marine) wrote a book about life around Red Mountain, Randsburg during that period. Brawls between rival military branches were quite common at The Owl after the men put away a few drinks! Below are a few photos and info that was documented by Ed in 1944 (Sorry for the bad quality)

Excerpts from his book...

U.S. Marines in Red Mountain and Randsburg, CA - June to October 1944


Charles Ray

The Owl Cafe Menu 1944

Joan Crawford and friend

Clara Bow

Duke Ellington

Rand Desert Museum (Randsburg, CA) 1944

Gary Cooper

Myrna Loy

Rudolph Valentino

Flapper Girl of the 20's

The Original old OWL Key Rack

Photo Courtesy of Deric English/MINING RELIC COLLECTOR 1-760-762-6208,

Original Letter Head and Business  Card for the Owl CAFE and OWL GARAGE

Photo Courtesy of Deric English/MINING RELIC COLLECTOR 1-760-762-6208,

Slim Riffle and family members on steps in front of this old building (The Owl) 1940


Photos Courtesy of Deric English/MINING RELIC COLLECTOR 1-760-762-6208,

Slim Riffle let a relative (his brother in law Robert Molihan) run THE OWL, Slim was still in the area making money and helping out. Later Slim took The Owl back over again. Photo: C. 1934

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